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Alfa Cleaners Business

65,000+ sessions, and counting...

At Alfa Cleaners (Business), we operate mostly in the Middlesex, South London, and Buckinghamshire areas. Our group has operated since 2010 and has performed over 65,000 cleaning sessions. We innovate and apply new process improvements, so that we can create great value and cost effectiveness for your business.
  • As we originally served private houses, our focus is on providing excellent value and attention-to-detail.
  • Our core clients have always kept us on our toes, because they have been very quality-conscious and discerning about great-value services.
  • Each of our staff member is recruited using our unique 4-stage process. For our business clients, we typically do not use casual labour, but a consistent team of efficient, attentive, and conscientious operatives.
  • Our management processes and feedback from our clients form the basis of continuous process improvements. Where required, cleaning teams are overseen by a supervisor who manages the work in progress, ensuring that the required quality and efficiency levels are met or exceeded.
  • In consultation with our clients we have found that not every cleaning job is the same; each is unique.
  • No matter the size or complexity of the job, you can trust Alfa Cleaners to get the service done in an effective and efficient manner.
  • You can choose to have either our highly productised service option for which you’ll have all the low-cost benefits of a packaged and fully systematised service delivery
  • or a solution shaped-to-fit your specific and particular requirements. Alfa Cleaners offers a range of cleaning services that can be tailored to meet your exact needs.
  • Whether you are looking for a service to carry out daily cleaning of your business premises or more ad-hoc deep cleans, we’re sure you’ll be happy from having chosen Alfa Cleaners.
  • Through: Quick Service Setup, Reliability, Trust, Support, and Consistency
  • Alfa Cleaners really will offer you a service that is second to none.