Germ-free Office Service, Sanitisation Service for Covid-19 CV19, germs, etc.

Virucidal Disinfection Service

Get your workspace sanitised & disinfected

Whether you’re reopening or already in business-as-usual, you’ll want to make sure that necessary precautions are taken. Our Disinfection Service is a three-phase process including (1) Deep Clean, (2) High-touch Area Sanitisation, and (3) Disinfection.

Disinfectant Fogger Tech

Alfa Cleaners can offer disinfectant fogger technology for both preventative cleaning and decontamination services. This is not only faster than standard spray methods, it also produces significantly smaller disinfectant particles, giving better coverage and more even distribution of the purifier. In addition, as the particles are smaller, there is less likelihood of any adverse impact on office materials.

Virucidal Cleaner

During the Disinfectant phase, the Alfa Cleaners operative will use disinfectants that kill Swine Flu, Influenza viruses, Corona Virus, COVID-19, HIV, Hepatitis C, MRSA & Clostridium difficile, etc.

(The disinfectants pass standards such as EN 1276, 13704, 1650, 14476 and 14675).

Supplies and Sundries

You can have any janitorial materials supplied by Alfa Cleaners, if required; from basic products to individually specified items, etc.
This includes, but is not limited to, items such as Jumbo toilet rolls, C-Fold hand towels, hand soap and black sacks, etc. Sanitary & hygiene units, battery operated air fresheners and hand towel dispensers etc can also be provided.

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